Celcom's EVP describes the mix of characteristics, benefits, and ways of working in the Organisation. It is the deal struck between the Company and employees in return for their contribution and performance. Altogether, the Company has established four EVP pillars.

What do The Avengers, Justice League and the X-Men have in common? Yes! They are autonomous cross-functional teams! In the spirit of agility, Celcom has adopted Cross-functional Teams (CFT) where we are able to use diversity of thought to generate innovative thinking and to strive for outstanding performance of every individual. Here are some of our colleagues and their chosen CFTs. Don't they all look like superheroes?

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An interesting excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt's speech at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1910 - a quote that René Werner personally live by in his daily conquest for success. Have a read!

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From Smart Casual to Preppy to Flamboyant to Cool Streetwear, you can rock any style at Celcom as we've got no dress code! We celebrate diversity where we allow our colleagues to express themselves through their outfits. As the saying goes -- dress like you're already famous! 

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SL1M Programme in Celcom provides a stage for our SL1M trainees to gain an in-depth exposure to the business and to explore their career path. This is NASHA AIRUL AIN JORY SHAM sharing her experience being part of our SL1M Programme.

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Empowerment is virtue. Structured contents and gamification during onboarding program prep our new members to be empowered with agility, dynamic and vibrant work culture. A great start for a bona fide awesome journey with Celcom! 

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Meet Amir Sharif, 26 years in Celcom.

"Work has been an interesting challenge for me. In 1992, I joined the Technical Customer Service and now in Marketing and Sales, I have gained vast experience in every department. My goal is to contribute my knowledge and to ensure the company's objectives are met. I hope that Celcom will grow to greater heights in years to come."  

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